Conferencia Asfalto Espumado. Public. · Hosted by IFUCE Cal Química Mexicana. Interested. clock. Wednesday, April 29, at PM UTC More than a. ¿Qué es el asfalto espumado? Los asfaltos espumados son una técnica que se ha utilizado con éxito en distintos países en la producción de mezclas asfálticas. Thenoux G., Gonzalez A., and Jamet A., “Aspectos constructivos del primer proyecto de reciclado in situ utilizando asfalto espumado,” Revista Ingeniería de .

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Cold in place recycling of pavements using foamed bitumen is a construction technique that reclaims the existing distressed flexible pavement, simultaneously adding stabilising agents to improve the properties of the reclaimed material.

A large research project was conducted in New Zealand to study the effects of foamed bitumen FB stabilisation in the performance, strength and deformational characteristics of pavements. Severe weather in recent months are to be felt in the national roads, from the primary network to rural roads Source: Accelerated loading was applied to the pavement structures and the pavement responses, such as surface deformation ruttingsurface deflections and strains, were periodically recorded during the execution of the test.

The approximate thickness of this surface was 20 mm.

Asfalto Espumado

Extrapolation of rutting measurements using the two-parameter model up to 25×10 6 ESAs. For this test we participate in conjunction with experimental technologies, using the universal recognized technology stabilization Portland cement on a stretch of road in Artigas.

Photo of pavement section B12C10 left and B14C10 right Vertical surface deformation contour plots Transverse surface profiles at each of espuamdo 58 pavement stations were taken at several stages of the project.

So much so that in several departments requested that the “emergency road” is declared, as indicated in Canelones Source: He BITAFAL group He has supported projects in both asphalt and logistics sion with facilities and equipment for the proposed Route 36 We thank our customers for the continued trust placed in the company to realize the implementation of new technologies in Uruguay.

A full-scale accelerated testing on foamed bitumen pavements was presented in this paper. The results correspond to deflections measured before the trafficking of the sections 0 load cycles and after 1×10 6 load cycles.


The stations next to the transition zones area between two pavement sections were not used to build the contour plot.

A paver was used to place the basecourse material and a steel roller was used for compaction. All sections were sealed with a single coat chipseal. The second term of the model describes the unstable behavior observed after 1, load cycles that cannot be described by the first term alone, because an exponential instead of a linear afsalto of rutting with N on the same log Rutting – log N scales is observed.

Pavement Recycling Archives – Bitafal Group

The structural design of pavements was carried out using the South African interim guidelines Asphalt Academy, and the New Zealand supplement to the Austroads pavement design guidelines Austroads, Fromload cycles after constructing the HMA overlay the rutting increased approximately linearly up to 1.

Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. Vertical surface deformation contour plots of sections B28C10 left and B00C10 right afterload cycles Rutting modeling of stable and unstable behavior Huurmanproposed a four parameters model Equation 1 to describe the permanent strain development in unbound granular pavements under traffic. Moreover the company CVC has recently completed a stretch of Route 36 in the department of Canelones, with great success.

When the load was increased to 50 kN another increase in the rutting rate was observed. However in the last decade areas of New Zealand started to face a complex problem in the supply of high quality aggregates for road construction. The CVC recently started with recycling Route using recycling technology in situ foamed bitumen.

A asfaltoo hot mix asphalt HMA layer of 30 edpumado was laid over the original surface, leading to a total surface thickness of approximately 50 mm for the rest of the project. A very interesting experience thus acquired knowledge, as both made the links between the Uruguayan delegation, as with other delegations present. We thank our customers for the continued trust placed in the company to realize the implementation of new technologies in Uruguay.

This paper also serves as a guide to identify potential problems to highway agencies in their MEPDG calibrations.

Reciclado con asfalto espumado y cemento

Details of the structural design are not presented in this paper, astalto a mm basecourse combined with a relatively weak MPa subgrade provided a pavement structural capacity close to 1×10 6 ESAs of 80 kN using both the design methods.


You can allow or reject use at any time can change the Configuration Options Privacy – Cookies Policy. This paper espumadp a study on the performance of foamed bitumen pavements tested in the Canterbury Accelerated Pavement Testing indoor Facility CAPTiFfor full scale testing of pavements. We must become conscious that interventions at the right time require less investment in maintenance.

The cuts were mm apart, and the surface was sawed from stations 3 to 6 fspumado section B12C10, from 14 to 17 in section B14C10, and from 20 to 23 in section B28C This causes a serious safety problem in the principal highways due to hydroplaning and loss of visibility resulting from excessive water splash from heavy traffic.

The H40 aggregate satisfied the following requirements: However, since little rutting was measured during the early stages of the project, the load was increased to 50 kN afterload asfalro and again to 60 kN after The four parameters model has the following form: Road engineering worldwide azfalto that the implementation of these two technologies is the ultimate solution for rural roads and not to mention, because of our scale, which for much of our crumbling road network.

Vertical surface deformation contour plots.

The profiles were used to calculate the vertical surface deformation VSD by subtracting the original elevation of each transverse profile before loading minus the current transverse profile.

The results indicated that ITS increases when the bitumen content increases up to about 3. E l using these experimental technologies must be done in a progressive manner, and supported on objective, technically sound and consistent, which in one way or another, justify its use. Where n is the number of data points, d c is the calculated rutting depth and d mi is the measured average rutting.