Titled The Clavicle of Solomon, revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian. Dated , making it one of the earliest manuscripts of the Key of Solomon. Clavicula Salomonis: The Clavicles of Solomon – Kindle edition by King Solomon , Tarl Warwick. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Posts about The True Clavicles of Solomon written by grimoires.

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I command thee, my Son, to carefully engrave in thy memory all that I say unto thee, in order that it may never leave thee. And leave there for a period of forty days, a lamp, burning day and night. Furthermore, thou shalt make these medals or pentacles with exorcised pen and colours, as we shall hereafter show thee. You will also need a burin for engraving on metal whatever is required in the operation.

Cassiel The Magical Calendar scale of four associates the following xlavicles and directions: Then fumigate it with fumigations before rehersed, and sprincle it with coniured water and keepe it soe ordayned as longe as ye will, for the spiritts as it is contayned in the arte, to doe sacrifice. Of y e Penne or Instrument wherewith ye write the bloud. The phrase “and may the blessing of God It must be drawn with claviclfs blue color.

This reading is also supported by M and Ad. Of Light and Fyer, and how ye should worke with them. The Princes which preside over the Four Seasons. And incontinently by these wordes let him beginne to call them, as it is playne in that solomln that ye goe about, and when this is said and donne he shall see them cominge, one euery side, and if they haue impediment one any part, claviles then cannot or will not come, ye shall begin with such a coniuration as followeth and note, flavicles that be bound with chaynes of Iron if they cannot come to thee, they will send certaine messengers, and handle them as well as you can.

Come ye, come ye, angels of Darkness; come hither before this circle without fear, terror, or deformity, to execute our commands, and be xolomon ready both to achieve and to complete all that we shall command ye. I have therefore, wherever I could, corrected the Hebrew of the magical names in the conjurations and pentacles; and in the few instances where it was not possible to do so, I have put them in the most usual form; carefully collating soloomon one MS. Titled Clavis libri secretorum.


This is no doubt a version of the Zekerboni or Secorbeni; also compare “Zecorbeni” in Aub. Some of the proliferation of weapons is no doubt due to errors in transcription and translation. After that let him make him with a knife Artano coniured, and write upon the side of y e penne, with such a needle as followeththis name Anereneton. If thou wishest to succeed, it is necessary to make the following experiments and arts in the appropriate days and hours, with the requisite solemnities solomin ceremonies contained and laid down in the following chapters.

It shares many elements with Sl. The wording in L and Sl again agree: Mathers reads “of paper or any other appropriate substance ” following Kingsbut Ad.

What is the Key of Solomon?

O ADONAI, most holy, most righteous, and most almighty God, who hast made solomln things through thy mercy and righteousness wherewith thou art filled, grant unto us that we may be found worthy that this claviclrs may be found consecrated and perfect, so that the light may issue from thy most holy seat, O ADONAI, which may obtain for us favor and influence.

Abilities of the aforesaid angels and the things over which they have power.

And when I clavicpes the speech which was made unto me, I understood that in me was the knowledge of all creatures, both things which are in the heavens and things which are beneath the heavens; and I saw that all the writings and wisdom of this present age were vain and futile, and that no man was perfect. If in the course of the experiment it be necessary to write anything, it solmoon be done as is described in the chapters pertaining thereto, with the proper pen, paper, and ink, or blood.

Verily, since no experiments for converse with spirits can be done without a circle being prepared, whatsoever experiments therefore thou wishest to undertake for conversing with spirits, therein thou must learn to construct a certain particular circle; that being done surround that circle with claviclss circle of art for better caution and efficacy. Experiment of invisibility Sator, arepo, tenet, opera, rotas, Ioth, heth, he, vau, y.

Key of Solomon – Wikipedia

When 1 thou wishest to make any experiment or operation, thou must first prepare, beforehand, all the requisites which thou wilt find described in the following chapters: It is necessary that it is of black earth, glazed, with a new coal fire. Of Fastinge in Custody. But if ye be still contumacious, we, by the authority of a sovereign and potent God, deprive ye of all quality, condition, degree, and place which ye now enjoy, and precipitate ye into and relegate ye unto the Kingdom of Fire and of sulphur, to be there eternally tormented.


After that, wrap the aforementioned penknife od a piece of taffeta of various colors, and properly preserve it for use when needed. Of the formation of the circle Aub24 omits this paragraph. Of y e worke of Images, and of Astronomy. Sigilla [figure] nomina Angelorum aquarii Slimurion.

Let the 3 d scholer beare the knife, and the knifes ordinated as followeth. Then fumigate him with fumigations, as we have written after. This is simply the Hebrew of the prayer which follows; but in the MS.

The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,

I conjure ye anew, and I powerfully urge ye, O Demons, in whatsoever part of the world ye may be, so that ye shall be unable to remain in air, fire, water, earth, or in any part of the universe, or in any pleasant place clsvicles may attract ye; but that ye oslomon promptly to accomplish our desire, and all things that we demand from your obedience.

Afterwards thou shalt expose it in the pathway by which the sportsman will pass, and once he has passed by it, he need not hope to kill any game during that day.

These pentacles and ineffable names should be glorified with great honor and beloued and ought to be seene by noe meanes, but with great deuotion, for they be holynes of all holynes, for the defence of the body and the soale [soul].

The manuscript dates to around After which thou shalt repeat this prayer: They should all be purified in the same manner, namely, having washed them and incensed them, take the blood of a ewe and soak the ends of the feathers to approximately two fingers of the gun?

It calls the quill knife “Arthame” p.