Gerontic nurses work with healthy elderly person in their communities, acutely ill elders requiring hospitalization and treatment, and chronically ill or disabled. Aust Nurses J. May;12(10) Gerontic nursing–a new impetus in nursing care. Ryan R. Aged; Australia; Geriatric Nursing/trends*; Humans. Nomenclature: what is in the name, “gerontic nursing”? Gunter LM. PMID: ; [Indexed MeSH terms. Geriatric Nursing*; Humans; Terminology as Topic.

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Nurses now make up the largest international work force in health care. The beginnings of nursing The development of nursing has followed the development of geerontic. Van Nostrand Reinhold, With a shift change of focus from emphasis in children and adolescents geronric the elderly in societal emphasis giving visibility to elderly persons, the nursing community has focused upon this population in terms of increasing their knowledge base and increased education in this neophyte specialty field.

Gerontological nurses may also be certified through a written examination available in certain countries, as a recognition of expert professional competency. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Ferontic modern industrialized societies, old age is identified in terms of chronological age.

The term geriatrics is the area of study related to diseases of the elderly and became popular as geriatric medicine evolved. A North American gerontological nursing text was published inand a monthly journal devoted to gerontological nursing began publication in It is defined mursing the science of aging, studying the effects of time on human development, specifically aging.

Aging Scientific Perspectives and Social Issues2d ed. In the mids, the Crimean War provided Florence Nightingale with the necessary outpouring of public support to effect changes in nursing. Nursing gained ground toward becoming a profession due to the care provided to nursig poor, the indigent, the infirm, and the insane; to prisoners and orphans; as well as to women during childbirth and to people during war times.


In the Hospital, Nursing Home and Community. However, in the early ‘s as North America’s war against infectious diseases was won, more focus was placed upon degenerative, chronic diseases — most of which were notable in the growing, older population.

Gerontological nurses must be educated concerning care strategies about wide-ranging basic and complex physiological and behavioral issues such as pain, pressure ulcers, gerontid impairment, self-esteem disturbance, bereavement, fluid and electrolyte imbalance, and caregiver stress, among other issues. Human Needs and Nursing Response4th ed. A Geronfic Perspective3d ed. Gerontological nurses must have the knowledge and skill to manage care focused upon normal and abnormal age-related physical changes e.

Nursing Care of the Older Adult: The future is secure for gerontological nursing as an acknowledged and well-respected specialty within nursing, as well as a discipline among its interdisciplinary colleagues in efforts to improve care for older persons throughout the world.

Nursing was well on its way to being a profession, although it would still take more than one hundred years to become fully acknowledged as a separate health care entity.

A nursinb recent term, gerontic nursingrefines the sphere of responsibility of gerontological nurses who care for the elderly by encompassing the art and intuition of caring and maintaining the “well elderly” as well as emphasizing illness and scientific principles of care.

In developed countries, even with reduced family size, childless marriages, fewer single adult daughters, and increasing numbers of middle-aged women in the work force all of which have led to decreasing availability and opportunity for children to care directly for aging parentsthe first and nurrsing resource for elderly persons is still the family: Additionally, the growth in the number of older adults, and in the cultural care of elderly persons around the world, must be considered.


Handbook of Gerontological Nursing. A Self-Care Approach3d ed.

Gerontic nursing–a new impetus in nursing care.

Laywomen who initially tried to fill the gsrontic for more nursing care during the expansion to the New World were ineffective, as they were without role models or training. Gerontological nurses must also have expertise in navigating the health care system to act as advocates for their clients.

Gerontology began as an inquiry into the characteristics of long-lived people. University of Washington Press, It is important to note that the preparation of gerontological nurses is dictated somewhat by the cultural strictures and interpretations of a particular society’s definition of older persons, which will influence the status of this specialty in different countries.

Gerontic nursing–a new impetus in nursing care.

Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia. Nurses have long been interested in the care of older persons, and they seemed to have assumed more responsibility than other professions for this segment of the population. In North Geerontic, gerontological nursing began its rise with the acknowledgment of this new nursing specialty by the American Nurses Association in and the formation of the National Gerontological Nursing Association in Modern Language Association http: