siemens hicom e service manual pdf – This list of telephone switches is a compilation of telephone switches used in the public switched telephone network . [EPUB] Siemens Hicom e Service Manual [PDF]. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. SIEMENS HICOM E SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download online Hicom E Telephone pdf manual download Also for Hicom Hicom.

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Siemens Hicom 100 E Service Manual

Collision with one of the route codes Assign codes route code entered Collision with Collision with one of the internal ex- int. With the default setting, the- se ext. Technical Data Hicom basic configuration Hicom with max. An inco- ming call is intercepted by Memo. List assignment for ext. Any space that may be required for future function ex- pansions or an expansion box Hicom must be taken into account in the initial plans.

Table Of Contents Pin assignment of the printer adapter Danger Page 20 – Hicom E Version 2. Page This procedure lasts approx.

Classes of service Night service, enter ext. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If abbrevi- ated dialling numbers are used without selecting the network beforehand, the main net- work is used. The terminal blocks required for wiring are supplied with the respective modules.

Initial Operation Plug the power cable into the re-connected power supply. Non-compressed output format Output: A maximum of 8 groups of this kind can be set up. Figure Equipping sequence for extension and trunk modules The structure of the extension number plans is described in more detail in Chapter 5, Installation of the Service Manual see Section 5.


Installing Caracas Desk Central call detail recording in Hicom is to be set to compressed output format, without recording incoming calls and without a On ringing.

Page Outgoing trunk traffic Pin assignment of the V. If another digit is dialled within this period, the digit is appended and the timer restarted. Page – Digit suppression Page – Recording the call duration Page – Changing the currency unit Page – Programming expansion modules Page – Allocating extensions and actuators Page – Servicehanduch actuator names Page – Defining the number for recorded announc Alternatively, the caller can also be displayed.

Call Forwarding Times Confirm input for list Page of Go. Waiting times Ring attempts: Tool interfaces and help texts in the appropriate languages for the countries supported.

The following values are possible: Pin assignments Mini-Western sockets: Enable call trace Ext. Voice call to the entrance telephone can be set up from each telephone. Displaying The Call Duration The display can also be set to name and ext.

This connection is not necessary in this instance. Central call detail recording in Hicom is to be servicehandbch to compressed output format, without recording incoming calls and without a On ringing.



Entries must be made for each user. Connect the U to Optiset. Select intercept override Intercept: Page 10 m. SLU modules must not be inserted in slot 1. Page Connect the plug-in power supply unit. Table Of Contents Index Route Names Route 1: Page 81 Resetting a call Although a call is signalled, the called extension can seize another line without answering the first call.

To this end, a timer servicehqndbuch is started after each digit. Display language for ext. Completion of the loading operation is identified by a flashing LED beside the “Message” key. Page Hicom basic box basic configuration Hicom basic box with max.

Table Of Contents Overview of item code numbers UPS only Figure Connecting the UPS battery cable Danger Do not bicom the power cable in the mains socket until all installation and connection work has been completed. Changing The Currency Unit Factor: Assigning Actuator Names Sensor no. Defining The Call Duration Sensor no. Call keys virtual line keys Line seizure, automatic Via trunk group and overflow trunk group Dial pause With analogue trunk programmable Project code Max.

Intercept criteria No answer, busy, invalid, incomplete, recall Call allocation 1100e in block 2 call signalling.