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Sharadiya Shuktara Pujabarshiki Shootki ar Mootki was published in in Shuktara. In his piece, he outlines a brief history of the Bengali patua tradition, their tools of craft, and argues for the need to revisit to the older, indigenous forms of the patachitras, that is, if we are to get serious about comics.

Bahadur Beral was published in Shuktara in Probably, we wanted to avoid this typification and concentrate on what we considered our principal task: Is there a distinctive Bengali or Bengal-area comics tradition, distinct from that shuuktara say North India or Bombay?

Sunil Gangopadhayer 10 ti Mahazine Add to cart. Sukhtarar Bhuter Golpo -Part 2. As it turned out I then had a major work load: He benngali me to work on my own comics: Officially the company was founded by Ashutosh Dev in the year Pinaki- da was one of the big names of the mainstream book cover design industry in India; Anindya- da had experience in Bengali little magazine publication; Debapriya ran a poetry magazine when she was an sguktara student; I too had three small-press little magazines on my belt.


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Shuktara Magazine April 2016

But the evident earnestness of the project and the increasing quality of the contents and production from issue to issue suggest that, had it lived a bit longer, Drighangchoo might have become a standard-bearer in amateur comics publishing in India, or at least in Bengal. Dingi Nouka HB Price: The magazije volumes of Narayan Debnath Comics Samagra provide rich information about the life of the author. Handa-Bhonda became an instant success and continues to be printed in Shuktara every month.

That was when Debapriya and I met once again and thought of making a final effort to revive the magazine. Dec 14, at 2: Drighangchooor Dree-Ghang-Choo as we spell it in Bengali: The full length page comics were first published in the book format by Sarvodaya Sahitya PrakashanVaranasi.

Drighangchoo appeared with these things going on the backdrop and in our minds. Around this time, the popular artist Shibshankar was also producing the illustrated comics of Swami Vivekananda Mar-Apr, in Shuktarabut in mid Shibshankar had to abandon the project and the responsibility was passed over to Debnath. We were also insistent on telling people that we were interested in making comics for adults, though not many of our friends understood what we were saying.

Suktara | Bengali Ebooks Read Online and Download All Free(+ Books)

Mrito Raja Jago Add to cart. Shuktara Annual Subscription with Pujabarshiki.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thanks for your kind cooperation. Then, there was the Naxalbari movement, and the liberation struggle in Bangladesh, coinciding with the Paris 68 student movement and anti-Vietnam war protests around the world, magazind resulted in a different upsurge of internationalist cultural sentiments.


The strong undercurrent of left-wing political movement in this state, since the s, also had had its impact in bridging the cultural divide, somewhat. benglai

As were the newspapers: The Pubication also publishes novels and stories by renowned writers. The second ones are more difficult to find, mzgazine they are the ones that have tried exploring alternative possibilities, or at least, kept up the enthusiasm before they folded up.

Narayan Debnath

Inwe got temporary project jobs at the varsity. Dec 13, at 3: Sukhtarar Hansir Golpo Add to cart. If one has to make a profit selling a comics magazine, it requires a long term investment of capital.

Sarbajit Sen is a cartoonist, a comics artist, a painter, and a documentary filmmaker. Baat Add to cart. We never discussed this at length, but bilingual was the natural choice for our mag. Why two languages, Bengali and English? Reading your first email to me, after I had thought everything about Drighangchoo was all buried and forgotten, I guess he was right. Bookkeeping wasn’t a strong point with us, and there were many among our friends who had taken a number of copies, sold them, but didn’t turn up the money.

Most of Narayan Debnath’s work has been adapted for Bengali television. Chhatrapati Shivaji was published in Anandamela —